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As a young 19 year old Marine, I was sitting in the barracks enjoying my day off.  There was a knock on the door and a close friend of mine, Tony a motor T guy, was standing there mid tears. I'm getting married in a couple of hours and my photographer bailed on me he says. He wanted me to fill in and take his wedding pictures for him. I looked at him eye to eye and said, there is no way I'm doing that.  He left and a few hours later there was another knock on my door. It was Tony's wife to be. I said don't bother, I'm not taking the pictures. However, she started crying and I caved. 

From that humble beginning, I have since covered over 800 weddings. Wedding's are a combination of everything that I do. From portraits, to family pictures, and so much more.  I love my brides and grooms and their big special days help me do what I love the most. Which is capturing the joy and happiness for others in a simple click of my camera.